Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Eat With Knowledge!!

Holidays are not just about family, friends, and being thankful… it’s also about the food!  So how can we honor our bodies this time of year and be thankful for a healthy relationship with food?  Here are some of my favorite tips for Thanksgiving.

1.  Be mindful of what you’re really craving at the table. There are no right or wrong answers! For me, I savor the homemade food, and leave the store-bought stuff behind.  My plate is full of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and lots of homemade bread and butter! I tend to say no to the store-bought mac-n-cheese or appetizers ahead of the main meal. When it comes to dessert my plate is always filled with pie!! As much as I love ice cream, I usually say no because I have that all year.

2.  Be intuitive.  Allow your body to tell you when to stop eating, not when you think you should or when the food is gone from the plate.  Listen to your internal cues and try to be aware of the hunger/satiety cues your body gives you.  Chances are you WILL overeat at this meal but make it feel good and not too stuffed that you feel sick.

3.  1 & 2 are always easier when you eat a balanced breakfast and lunch before the big dinner splurge- you won’t be setting yourself up for a binge if you’re not absolutely starving by the time you get to the big holiday meal.

4.  Make choices that work for you and your body.  Bring something healthy to the party if you want to!  And on the flip side, if you want to indulge go for it with no guilt and shame!

5.  The most important rule- Thanksgiving is about the family, friends, and people in your life you are thankful for.  Can you add being thankful for your body and good relationship with food to the list?

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