Holiday Gift Guide for ED Recovery and Intuitive Eating

Happy Holidays!

I’m so excited for the holidays and love this time of year. In the spirit of giving, it’s my turn to give back to all of you. This gift list is for you if you care about intuitive eating, working on eating disorder recovery, or just love the anti-diet message. I have many of these items on my own personal gift list!

Read on for the official favorite gifts from Eat With Knowledge. It’s broken down into favorite gifts for everyone, as well as some options for professionals working in this field.

Gifts for everyone!

Body Trust Card Deck: Are you looking for a way to reclaim trust in your body? We love these cards from Be Nourished in Portland, Oregon. They are a great reminder that Body Trust® is your birthright. ($30)

IDGAF About Your Diet SweatshirtWant to let everyone know you couldn’t care less about their diet? Be bold and give this sweatshirt a go. We can only imagine the conversations it will create! ($36.99)

The Intuitive Eating Workbook: Ten Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with FoodAre you ready to dive more into intuitive eating with specific assignments from the authors who created the concept? This workbook is an amazing tool to use on your own or in conjunction with your dietitian and/or therapist. ($15.83 New Paperback or $8.34 Kindle)

No Wrong Way to Have a Body Throw PillowsWant to have a cozy reminder at home or in your office that bodies are diverse? We love the art by Rachele Cateyes on this pillow, and we think you will too! (Starts at $29.17 Cover Only or $39.38 Cover and Insert)

Body Over Mind ApparelDo you like to make a statement that you EAT? Check out these shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and bangles that emphasize food freedom. (Starting at $21.75)

Rise With Radiance Calendar: This inspirational calendar which includes my monthly drawings and inspirational words to lift your heart and light your path every day of the year. ($18)

Dear Dietitian, what is my healthy weight? poster: Created by Tiffany Haug, it’s a perfect reminder that there is no perfect healthy weight. ($13.99)

Books/E-books for everyone!

Body KindnessAre you looking for a way to be kinder to yourself and your body? We think this book by Rebecca Scritchfield is just the book you are looking for. It will help you focus on being kind to your body, and after all “it all starts with kindness”. ($14.95 Paperback or $9.99 Kindle)

Savvy girl: Guide to EatingAre you wanting to ditch diets and learn more about Intuitive Eating? Then we think you’ll love this book written by Brittany Deal and Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN. This is a perfect introduction to the concepts of intuitive eating. ($15.99 Paperback)

8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating DisorderDo you need to hear the story of two people who have recovered from an eating disorder? What makes this book special is that the authors are also therapists and have insight as both clients and professionals. We think this is an incredible take on ED recovery and the most important concepts to understand. ($13.13 Paperback and $12.47 Kindle)

Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program That WorksThis is THE BOOK that started it all for me personally, and changed the way I practice as a professional. It changed my whole career! These are the 10 steps that define intuitive eating and the backbone of a LOT of the work I do with clients. ($9.49 Paperback or $9.99 Kindle)

Body Image RemixAre you curious how you can improve your body image without changing your body? Summer Innanen’s down-to-earth, funny, and not-so-PG style might be just what you are looking for! We think her book is very empowering and hope you check it out. ($4.99 Audio and $6.99 Audio+ PDF)

Courses for everyone!

Intuitive Eating FundamentalsAre you looking for a more structured way of learning Intuitive Eating, and in need of an online community? We think you’ll love this course with dietitian, Christy Harrison. ($429 or 3 payments of $157)

Intuitive Eating Basics 101Are you looking to learn the basics of intuitive eating? Erica Leon offers many different courses on Intuitive Eating, created with the newbie in mind, all the way to someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in intuitive eating. Not sure if intuitive eating is right for you? Try her “Dip Your Toes into Intuitive Eating” course for FREE! (Course prices are Free, $97, and $197 for both courses)

Educate, Embrace, EmpowerDo you want to become your own eating expert? Paige Smathers, RD, offers a really great 10-week self-paced course that we think will help you heal your relationship with food and your body. ($185)

Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™Are you wanting a virtual support group to assist you with Intuitive Eating? Bonnie R. Giller, RD, has created a wonderful program to support women on their intuitive eating journey. ($97 monthly)

Joyful Eating ProgramAre you looking for a sustainable way to be healthy using mindful eating and Intuitive Eating? Three dietitians have created a 6-week program to do just that! Anne Mauney, Alex Caspero, and Rachael Hartley have been running the program for the past year. ($149 to start)

Courses for professionals!

Pursuing Private PracticeHave you been wanting to jump into private practice, but fear is holding you back? This is my own course that I created to show professionals how to start and grow a private practice. The course is 10 modules of content on running a business, complete with a workbook and facebook group where you have access to ME to answer all of your questions. Get in now before the prices increases in 2018! ($425 but use code VIP20 for 20% off just because you’re a very special member of my email community.)

Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorders Version 2.0Are you looking to deepen your counseling skills? Marci Evans, RD, has created a 5-module course with videos that is an incredible resource if you treat clients with eating disorders. You also get access to her closed facebook group when you purchase her course. ($397)

Master Your Anti-Diet Message: Are you ready to build a thriving practice or brand that magnetizes clients who are ready for change, and helps them break free from dieting and disordered eating for good? Christy Harrison has created a thorough program to assist you in consistent marketing and communication for your business. ($47 to become a member)

Diets and Our DemonsAre you wanting to learn more about shame, weight stigma, and binge eating disorder? This is an awesome day-long seminar recorded on DVD by Judith Matz. ($199)

Health, Not DietsLooking for an introduction to the non-diet approach? Fiona Willer and Fiona Sutherland have created a free program to teach the basics, with other offerings for more education (Free- $195AUD)

EDRDPro MembershipAre you wanting to stay up-to-date on the most current ED resources throughout the year? Check out the site for the list of member benefits that we think you’ll love! ($1 to start, $35/month)

Have fun shopping! Wishing you the best over this holiday season! Cheers to a great upcoming 2018!

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