Common questions from clients:

How do I know if you’re the dietitian for me?

* I’d start by reading our nutrition philosophy and blog posts. You can also check out our social media feeds: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We fully understand that we’re a good match for some people, but not for others. The most important aspect of finding a suitable healthcare professional is being sure there is open and honest communication. We want you to get what you’re looking for, even if it’s not with us—but we sure hope it is!

I’m not local but I really want to see you. What do I do?

* We would love to be able to see virtual clients, but at this time, we’re only seeing clients in person at our office in Nyack, NY. The soon to be published, KNOWledgeable Eating Program, will give you access to all of my nutrition teachings — it’s the next best thing to an in-person session with us.

How often and how long will I have to see you?

* It depends on what you need, but our work together will be individualized to your situation. When we’re establishing a relationship, and getting to know each other, we’d like to see you once a week for at least a month, sometimes longer. When we’re actively working together, we typically see clients weekly or every other week. However, we try to accommodate your schedule and budget by offering different appointment lengths and charges. Some clients require a short-term relationship while others choose to work with us on a long-term basis.

I really want to lose weight but I don’t want to diet. But it seems like you don’t do “weight loss” counseling?

* We hear this all the time! People are often living in a body that they’re not comfortable with. We’re absolutely ready to have this conversation with you, and we want to hear all about your feelings and concerns with your weight. No, we do not do “dieting” or “weight loss counseling”. However, we will work on your relationship with food and your body, while addressing all of your nutrition concerns. We discuss topics related to “weight loss” and what that means for clients all the time.

I have other medical issues other than an eating disorder. Can I still see you?

* Absolutely. As dietitians, we’re trained in Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), which means that we have knowledge and understanding about many different diseases and medical conditions. Even though we specialize in eating disorders, disordered eating, and intuitive eating, we still can address other conditions and keep MNT recommendations in mind.  If we can’t handle your request, for whatever reason, we’re happy to try to find a dietitian who can see you.

How does it work if you don’t take insurance?

* We’re out-of-network insurance providers, which means we take payment up front and give you a bill to submit for insurance reimbursement. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to see what benefits your plan may have regarding MNT coverage. Depending upon your insurance company, your physician might have to write a referral. However, a referral does not guarantee that nutrition therapy will be covered by your insurance company. Call the phone number for their customer service, which is usually located on the back of your insurance card. Ask if MNT is a covered benefit based upon your plan and diagnosis. For reference, the procedure codes we use for MNT are: 97802 (initial assessment) and 97803 (follow-up assessment). The diagnosis code used will depend on your situation.

Okay I want to see you. How do I make an appointment?

*Contact us! We’re so excited to work with you.



Common questions from professionals:

I’m a dietitian too, and I love your approach. How do I learn more about training with you?

*A big reason why I wanted to create the KNOWledgeable Eating Program is to train professionals like you! I love and feel blessed that I get to work with other dietitians in their professional career. If you need more specific guidance with official supervision, I offer supervision to dietitians. You can purchase a package here.

I also offer an e-course called the Pursuing Private Practice Masterclass E-Course. I would LOVE to have you join us!

I’m a nutrition student and want to intern with you. How do I apply?

* I was an extremely motivated nutrition student, and I understand the need for internships and experience in the field! I’ve offered internships to many nutrition students in the past. At this time, I’m currently not taking anyone for an internship, but will be proud to offer a student rate for the KNOWledgeable Eating Program in 2018.