Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day- Why I LOVE what I do

Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day!  I am so grateful that I choose this career path all the way back when I was 18 years old enrolled in Nutritional Sciences at Penn State University.  I really had no idea what a career in dietetics “meant”, but I loved food and nutrition and especially the mental/behavior change part of the puzzle in overall health.  Fast forward 12 years, after 4 years in school, 1 year at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for my dietetic internship, and many jobs later, I now own my own business and keep evolving as a dietitian.  My interests have changed over the course of 7 (!!) years working in the field, but I am still so passionate about the role of a dietitian in health, especially eating disorders.  Happy Registered Dietitian Day to all my colleagues and clients.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and help guide you to health and happiness with food 🙂  Here are my top 10 reasons why I love being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist:

1.  I get to help people change their relationship with food into a positive relationship rather than a negative relationship

2.  I get to see people get excited about food, rather than fearful and scared

3.  I help people overcome eating disorders and change the way they feel about eating

4.  I see the difference that nutrition makes in your mood and attitude about yourself

5.  I see hunger and satiety signals come back in people that lost them for years

6.  I work with people to get to the root of the problem of emotional eating, rather than “covering it up”

7.  I help clients fuel their bodies the right way for physical activity

8.  If you have any other medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure we work on that too!!

9.  Nutrition science is always changing and I love how there are no “right” answers some of the time.  What we’re discovering now about nutrition is cutting edge information and that’s exciting!

10. I love having an amazing network of dietitians to work with.  If I’m not the best fit you, I can almost guarantee that I know someone who is!!  My network of dietitians expands across the county!!  :)

Welcome to Eat With Knowledge!

We live in a world where nutrition information is everywhere, especially around “dieting”. It seems like there are “diet” messages everywhere we turn, potentially hidden in disguise! “Diets” can be addressed as such, like “Whole 30”, “Paleo”, “Weight Watchers”, or can be “clean eating” or “healthy eating”.  The problem is that diets can lead people into a cycle of restrictive eating and overeating, leading to a lot of guilt and shame.


Diets emphasize too much thinking with our “head” rather than trusting our bodies when it comes to food.  95% of diets fail but leave people thinking that it’s their fault. It’s not you, it’s the diet!

This blog will allow you to come to a reliable resource for nutrition information when you might not be sure where else to go.  As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in eating disorders, I will not put you on a diet!!! I have exceptional training and education in food and nutrition and know what works for eating disorder treatment, as well as chronic dieting.  The answer is intuitive eating but what that means is different for every client.  I want to pass along my passion for nutrition and share nutrition knowledge with you!  I will provide my readers with:

  • Tips on disordered eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting, and intuitive eating
  • Topic posts about weight concerns, emotional eating, women’s health, and having a healthy relationship with food.
  • Nutritious recipes that are fast, easy, and flavorful
  • The latest research on nutrition topics

At Eat With Knowledge, my vision is simple: “Feel Fabulous About Food!”  At Eat With Knowledge, my mission is to:

-To respect all bodies and be weight-inclusive

-Enhance your physical and mental health

-Be your guide when it comes to meal planning and behavior modification

-Show you how flexibility works with food and activity

-Support you with your goals to help you feel fabulous about food